Improve your money earning *and* your money spending

posted on Sep.19, 2011, under Law of Attraction

To improve your money condition is a very common topic for the application of the law of attraction. Money can be one of our biggest hassles if it is not flowing well in our lives.

It is very easy to see that to improve your financial situation it is important to improve your money earning. Get a better job, get a raise, increase your rates in case your are self-employed or create another product to sell – and of course improve your ‘earning vibe’. I assume you all know the basics on how to improve your money vibe (‘feeling as if the new situation is already there’, through affirmations, pray rain journals, having fun / letting go, allowing etc.).

Watch your money spending!
There is one thing that is often overlooked that I would like to point your attention to concerning your money vibration. To improve your money earning (vibe) is all nice and good but if you spend your money with a bad vibe … you’re in trouble. Because then you are resetting all the good efforts that you started by improving your earning situation. A bad vibe while spending and handling money might be:

  • ‘oh, this item is so expensive, I can’t afford it’ (better alternative: ‘wow, this item surely is worth its price in durability, quality, use value and ability to make me happy’)
  • ‘gosh, I withdrew another 100$ from the ATM, I should not carry that much money on me’ (better alternative: ‘carrying much money on me means I always have enough and there will always be more available to me’ – if you do some vibe work that is ;))
  • ‘oh my, there go another 200$ for my bills, I hope I will be able to pay them next month’ (better alternative: ‘I am so glad and grateful that I am *able* to pay my bills this month, I know that through paying them I am able to live the life that I live and love now’)

Please note: this is not an advocacy of spending money and buying things with the right vibration just for the sake of it while not truly having the money at the same time. While this does send the right vibrational signals to the universe (in terms of the right vibrational quality), if your general money vibration is not improving (i.e. your everyday thinking and feeling habits about money), this could lead you into trouble.

This is an advocacy though, should you decide to spend money, to watch your vibration while doing so and if possible improve it.

Here are some helpful thoughts and questions for improving your money vibe while spending:

  • How much will an item improve your mood when you truly own it and *for how long*? If you find items that will definitely improve your mood *and* will do so over the long period of time then you have a strong ‘buy signal’.
  • Or phrased a bit differently: Will this item make me feel richer and freer than before or will it provide only short-term happiness and then clutter my life? Look for items that are in line with the vibe you would like to see in your life!
  • Never forget: Spending money is a win-win-win situation in all directions! When you buy something you get use-value and ‘making-you-happy-value’ and you (hopefully) feel richer and more abundant with it. The seller gets wealth and happiness also and with his wealth he can buy more from the guy or gal that provided the product in the first place (and this goes on and on to the person who produced the product). Everybody down the production chain profits from your transaction! By simply buying a product you create a chain of wealth for both buyer and seller.
  • While spending / handing over the bills / paying your bills do so with love and gratitude for what these transactions bring you and the person that receives the money. If you can, over time, learn to imbue all your outgoing money transactions with strong positive feelings, your money vibe will skyrocket and you should see first signs of land in your journey through scarcity waters.

Wishing you a lovely day and happy and joyful spending on things you love and that make you feel richer!

And: how do you spend or used to spend and what ways do you have to improve your money spending?

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Acknowledging can be source of feel good and vibe lift

posted on Dec.19, 2010, under Law of Attraction

Feeling stuck?

Often we think that we need to change our lives to a significant amount in order to be proud of it. Or we think we need to ‘work’ on our vibration somehow to get things moving vibrationally. This ‘working’ can take on tinges of desperateness if things refuse to change.

So what if your are stuck in place and feel no place to move to emotionally? A common law of attraction adage is that acknowledging the status quo is very important before moving on. Why is this so and why does acknowledging the current status provide for a vibe lift?

Struggle is exactly that: struggle!

If you are struggling to change your current vibration / situation, you are doing exactly that: *struggling*. Your actions as well as your feelings have a vibration to them. This is why ‘working’ on your vibration, if it takes a frantic note, can be not so uber-helpful.

The juicy benefits of acknowledgement

What you do and get if you acknowledge the status quo is three-fold:

1) you let go of struggle for a moment = immediate vibe lift (and all you do is let go of something, you don’t *do* something or *work* on something, no much dreaded *action* needed – as you see, I am not so much a friend of vibrationally unprepared action)

2) this immediate vibe lift opens room for new ideas and thoughts: since your mind is not occupied with being filled with struggle, you suddenly notice that you have some mental room and quietude to enjoy

3) this quietude and also clarity gives you some power and space to move now – you can carefully shift your thoughts to a wished for state of vibration without any struggle interfering in the process, at least for some moments.

Take home exercise for an instant vibe lift in times of stress and overwhelm (1-3 mins)

Take a deep breath … now please shift your focus to your current situation, stressful or not, and say to yourself (aloud or in thoughts, whichever feels better): ‘I am willing to acknowledge my current situation as it is, with all the good and all the bad!’ and repeat three times.

Take a deep breath again … and feel slowly and carefully around you and inside you. If you said the aforementioned affirmation from your heart with the honest wish for improved conditions, you are privileged to have a lighter vibration now ;). This is comparable to dropping some weight out of a hot air balloon: it rises up.

As an idea: repeat the affirmation throughout the day to make some more peace with your current vibration and situation.

Wishing you a wonderful day!


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Your new vibration: hold it up until it lasts!

posted on Nov.15, 2010, under Law of Attraction

Question answered here
Do I have to keep my vision ‘online’ in my daily law of attraction practice all the time for it to stay or does it get automatic at some point?

Let’s take a successful sales job as an example. Imagine you are in an ok paid job in sales where a big part of your salary is generated by commissions on your sales. You wish to use loa to increase your sales so you start out with your favorite law of attraction method to manifest your vision of increased sales and indeed, your sales rise slowly and steadily with some small ups and downs.

Does it get easier?
Now you think, well, this is working fine but there are plenty of other visions I have (a perfect garden, completely cleaned out garage, getting your health up to par etc. etc.) and how on earth am I going to fit those all into my loa practice each day? I can not spend one hour law of attractioning away like a mad man per day?!? Even if you can, there might be the question: does it get easier for the same project at some point in time?

Very simple answer: yes it does!
To refer back to the image of a large flywheel mentioned in an earlier post, it takes some time to get it spinning. Now what does a flywheel do once it’s up to speed? It slows down over a long period of time. Same goes for your vibe – it takes some time to ‘install’ the vibe into your life, to bring it up to speed so to speak. It might be hard at the beginning but later on you only need to include this special project every other day or even further apart. Just try out what feels good and what works for you – your mileage may vary ;).

So: 1) don’t give up if you see only slow progress at first, 2) it does get easier and easier and 3) at some point it might even go on autopilot.

A small side note to round things up
The more areas of your life you change to your liking and the more ‘work’ (it’s not really work but you know what I mean) you invested over time in law of attraction exercises, the easier it might be to uphold certain other vibrations since your base vibration is higher. Using the law of attraction is using the creative principle inherent in our universe, the more you get in touch with it via different means and projects, the easier it will get.

As always: enjoy your day!

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